We are pleased to announce two new services to our customers world-wide. At AquaMetal we have been working on mobile commerce and mobile payments for a couple of years now. What started out as beta testing program in late 2010 is now take a new shape in the form of QvikPay 2.0 and QvikSurvey. Please stay tunes as we introduce these exciting new services to all of our customers.
QvikPay 2.0 - Revolutionizing the way we do shopping
QvikPay 2.0 is the next generation mobile commerce solution that is transforming the way we shop online. With QvikPay you can scan a QR code to put an item in the shopping cart and pay with your mobile phone. QvikPay makes shopping simple, smart and safe.
QvikSurvey - A paper-less survey and analytics solution for the mobile generation
QvikSurvey is a mobile survey solution that uses QR code to point to the survey questionnaire. A mobile app then displays the questions in a logican flow to make the survey a breeze.
Change Management for IT In an IT environment change is particularly tricky. The implications of incorrectly implementing a change into an organizations production system environment can lead to potential security breaches and result in negative publicity or regulatory sanctions if breaches occur. Moreover, organizations that lack a change management process run a significant risk that unauthorized changes may be introduced into the production environment.